Getting Migration Governance Right

Photo of Sheikh HasinaThe Embassy of Bangladesh in Paris is proud to share with you an article titled " Getting Migration Governance Right", authored by H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh. In her article, Hon'ble Prime Minister has called upon the international community to give a closer look at the issue of migration, one of the most serious challenges facing the world today. The article has been published in the Project Syndicate, a prestigious forum that provides original, high-quality commentaries to a global audience by featuring exclusive contributions by prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists from around the world.Link: Getting Migration Governance Right


The Embassy of Bangladesh in Paris is committed to providing high quality consular services to the Bangladesh citizens and foreign nationals intending to visit Bangladesh. In order to ensure smooth operation the consular service, we invite your attention to the following :  

Your passport is a valuable document. It should always be either in your own custody or in the custody of a    person duly authorized by you. If lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to this Embassy and to the local police.

Please keep a photocopy of your passport in a safe place.  Without the details  of the lost or damaged passport, issuance of a new passport may be delayed.   

It is an offence to give false information in the Application. Passport facilities can be denied on grounds of suppression of factual information, submission of false particulars, wilful damage of passport and for making unauthorized changes in the passport.

It is an offence to give false information in the Application for visa. Visa may be denied on suppression of factual information and incomplete or misleading information.

Consular Hours: Applications for all kind of consular services (Like issuance of passports, visa, legalization/attestation of documents) are accepted between 09:30 AM and 12:30 NOON. Delivery time is between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. No application is received after 12:30 NOON except in the cases of extreme emergencies, such as death or illness in the family.

Consular Fees: Please tender the exact amount in the form of  Mondat  Compte at any branch of La Poste. The Mondat Compte should be issued in the name of Embassy of Bangladesh, account number: 57 57 11 0 J 020. Personal checks or Cash are not accepted.

To check the fees for the different consular services CLICK HERE.

NO REFUNDS: Fees, once received, cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or service cannot be rendered.

Processing Time: This is given with the related forms.  You may also to see standard processing time for all types of consular services. However, strict time schedule does not apply to services for which reference has to be made to competent authorities in Bangladesh.

HELP DESK:  If you have any question or query relating to consular services, please call: 01 46 51 88 43 from Monday through Friday between 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM.