Getting Migration Governance Right

Photo of Sheikh HasinaThe Embassy of Bangladesh in Paris is proud to share with you an article titled " Getting Migration Governance Right", authored by H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh. In her article, Hon'ble Prime Minister has called upon the international community to give a closer look at the issue of migration, one of the most serious challenges facing the world today. The article has been published in the Project Syndicate, a prestigious forum that provides original, high-quality commentaries to a global audience by featuring exclusive contributions by prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists from around the world.Link: Getting Migration Governance Right


First Ever Eco-friendly Class I River Cruiser in Bangladesh

With Unmatched Services and Facilities

Features:                                      Rooms:

·         Fully air conditioned, 43m long and 8.5m wide vessel.

·         Total 11 guest Cabins of various types. Each has a bathroom ensuite with running hot water. Bathroom water is Reverse Osmosis (RO) treated for quality and safety (so much better than water used in Dhaka homes).

·         2 spacious State rooms having private balconies. Each stateroom has a TV and a Refrigerator for the comfort and convenience of guests.

·         02 family rooms with bunk beds. One accommodates 03 and the other 04 guests.

·         07 standard cabins with twin beds each.

·         MVTH is equipped with solar panels and windmills for generating standby electricity.

·         Vessel is protected by CCTV cameras besides on board armed security personnel.

·         Conference cum Lounge cum Dining Room is commodious with three attached wash rooms

·         Vessel has accommodation for 25 people max for overnight cruises and 50 max for day cruises.

·         Drinking water onboard is from UV treatment plant on the vessel. RO treated water is UV treated to provide purest drinking water. Plastic bottles will not be used on board.

·         Two cold storage chambers have been built on board to carry and preserve food items without dislocation for long cruises lasting several days.

·         An intercom system has been installed in the vessel for the convenience of the guest.

·         There is a public address system on board so that the Captain/tour guide can regularly inform guests about sites and events from the bridge deck.


·         All operating crew have 1st/2nd class certification. Both the Master and the Driver hold   1st class certification and have long experience of operating on our river ways including the Sundarban.

·         MVTH is the only tourist vessel with a continental chef. Chef Leonard can not only cook local delicacies but also dishes from around the world.


·         We have windsurfing equipment on board available to our guests. Charges apply.

·         Vessel has laundry room equipped with washing machine and dryer for guest taking long cruises. Charges apply.

·         We have People’s Personal Accident insurance policy for all guests and crew onboard with maximum coverage of BDT 200,000/00 per person.

·         There is a life jacket for every person on board besides inflatable life boats.

·         We are environmentally conscious and therefore will not discharge untreated waste in the river.

·         Our cruises will focus on the unexplored areas such as the perennial wetlands (Haors) of Netrokona, Kishoreganj, Habiganj, Sunamganj and the life, culture and history in river islands and along the banks of the mighty rivers of the Brahmaputra-Ganges basin.

·         There will be a small on board library, board games and facilities for recreation for adults and children. We will endeavour to add new features on the basis of suggestions from our valued guests and patrons.

Rental Schemes:

·         Full charter for day cruises

·         Full charter for overnight trips

·         Tiger Tour’s announced Tours

Price includes, land transfer to and from the vessel. Guests can select 1 or 2 pickup points of their choice within the new city of Dhaka.


Group Size

Hours of Cruising

Rack Rate (BDT)

Introductory Rate


















·         For 4 hour cruises, we provide one snack and one main meal (lunch or dinner). Tea and coffee are unlimited. Soft drinks are served with main meals.

·         For 8 Hour cruises, we serve 2 snacks (if guests board before 9:30am we provide breakfast instead of snack, and one meal.

·         During day cruises, guests will have access to one state room, 2 family rooms (accommodating 3 and 4 people respectively), and 4 twin bed rooms. All rooms have attached toilet with running hot water. All rooms are fully air conditioned.

·         MVTH is also available for conferences. Multimedia and other items may be billed separately.

·          Price will also include entertainment (2 singers and musicians).

·         Senior guides will attend to the tour

·         The above mentioned introductory rates are valid for cruises operated up to 31st of October, 2013. New rates will be effective from 1st of November.




Group of 10

Group of 15

Group of 20

Group of 25

Rack Rate





Intro. rate






·         Price includes all meals during cruise period. 3 Meals and one afternoon snack will be served.

·         Unlimited tea/coffee on board.

·         Head of Guiding services and one logistic manager will attend to the tour

·         The vessel will move for 10 hours max/day. During stationery hours, other than navigational equipment all other equipments will remain operational (a/c, tv, refrigerator etc). However, this is subject to Governmental restrictions on use of generators in some areas at night.  

Tiger Tours Prescribed Cruises:

TTL will operate announced day trips and overnight trips.

·         The day trips (depending on the routing and activities) will range anywhere between BDT 10500/person to BDT 14,700/person.

·         Overnight trips will be charged on room basis:



Rack Rate: USD

Rack Rate: BDT

State Room

USD 650/night

BDT 53,500/night

Family Room of 3

USD 555/night

BDT 45500/night

Family Room of 4

USD 660/night

BDT 54,100/night


USD 550/night

BDT 45,100/night



Introductory Rate

State Room

BDT 45,100/night

Family Room of 3

BDT 32,800/night

Family Room of 4

BDT 41,000/night


BDT 31500/night


(Please contact for details/inquiries: +880-2 883 4653/4, 989 4535 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Please visit and for more information about Tiger Tours Limited.